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A Unique Experience

History, production and freshly brewed coffee

The stunning mountain- and ocean views in combination with a wide range of bird life with hummingbirds, Toucans, Eagles and Parrots, wildlife, exotic rivers, waterfalls and the closeness to popular trekking destinations as Kennedy Hill and San Lorenzo Edge with extraordinary views to the highest peaks in Colombia makes the Hacienda Ddos Amigos a perfect spot for a visit!

Here you can walk through our coffee plantation and learn about the techniques that gives the coffee its unique taste, take part in the activities at the ranch and meet our friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you!

Hacienda dos Amigos
Activities in the area

Hacienda Dos amigos is surrounded by smaller coffee ranches and wild nature. The area has a stunning view to the Caribbean and a multitude of narrow paths taking you to a variety of local destinations.
Here are some of the activities you can participate in during your visit:

  • Trekking
  • Biking
  • "Muleback" riding
  • Bird watching
Eco-bungallow village

The Ciènaga project at Hacienda dos Amigos is an eco village huts carefully laid out in the coffee plantation, all with breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada and a proximity to unspoilt nature hard to find. All huts are tastefully decorated with Colombian influences and guests will enjoy the fruit trees that provide shadow, but also lots of fantastic all organic fruit. Coffee trees are certified and 100% organic for both our guests to enjoy as well all customers world wide on our project website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

At Hacienda Dos Amigos nothing is standard, and we would love to connect with you to hear how we can make your visit to our ranch as memorable as possible.

Hacienda dos Amigos

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