The coffee variety at our hacienda is the Arabica variety of Castillo. It has, as most coffee from the Sierra Nevada’s of Santa Marta, a distinct aroma and a good-sized bean, round in body, low in acidity with flavorful notes of chocolate and almonds. We offer a Single Origin Specialty coffee, 100% organic, from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Arabica Coffee

There are different types of Arabica coffee beans called cultivars, all of which are known for their different flavors and attributes. Although some cultivars thrive better under some geographical conditions than others, they do not refer to the region in which the particular coffee is grown. Instead, they are a result of botanical variety when different species or sub species are interbred.

The perfect cup

Choosing a fresh-roasted luxury coffee is only half the battle when making a superior cup as the brewing method you use can be just as important. Coffee experts around the world agree that the best way to brew coffee is to use a French Press, but unfortunately, most people are too intimidated to try this method.


First of all, all our precious coffee plants are pampered with natural shading from tropical trees and fruit trees and other sun-loving plants that so gratefully converts sunlight and co2 into fruits our staff cherishes. The result: coffee that grows slowly and tastes like heaven.

Organic coffee is a true must and we use natural herbs and plants to prevent damage to our crop, our very soul. You're always welcome joining us on site year around to stay at the Hacienda dos Amigos new retreat. If not for the coffee, the view and nature!