Our Coffee

The world’s highest coastal range saw its first coffee plants in the 19th century. After more than 150 years of coffee cultivation this impressive mountainous area has become one of the most important coffee zones of Colombia and the main source of income for many indigenous groups. Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is one of the world’s most important biospheres and the coffee is classified as a Protected Designation of Origin.

Our ranch

Our ranch, Hacienda Dos Amigos, is located well within the mountain range and our coffee possesses unique properties due to the area’s microclimate with ideal sun, rain and temperature conditions. Combine this with a highly nutritious ground and traditional coffee growing methods using environmentally friendly techniques and you get a specialty coffee.

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Our main Aràbica variety is the Castillo coffee plant with almost 30 hectares spread over several hilltops on our 51.8-hectare ranch.

Our coffee is certified organic in Colombia, the US and Europe by BCS KIWA, an internationally renowned certifying organ based in Germany. We control our crops including the processing and storage, we do not mix our coffee with others and our produce is classified as Single Origin Specialty Coffee, 100% Organic, from Sierra Nevada Colombia.

We have more than 25 men and women harvesting our coffee, handpicking the berries one by one, carefully selecting the desired mature berries. From the steady leadership of our ranch foreman the ripe coffee berries are weighed, qualified and processed.

Hacienda dos Amigos
Hacienda dos Amigos

We wash our beans in Ecomil plants to use a fraction of the water a ranch usually needs for wet processing, subsequently dried in our silo to achieve the perfect humidity content in each coffee bean. The coffee is carefully stored in 60 kilo high quality multilayered hermetic plastic bags. Our mules carry our valuable coffee beans from our local storage to the main road, from where it is transported to Santa Marta awaiting further processing according to the clients need.

We work with our organic certifier and skilled agronomists to care for our crops and continuously invest in methods to reduce the environmental impact and achieve an effective production. It is important for us to save water and energy, to conserve our flora and fauna and work with the community.

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