Welcome to our eco-certified coffee ranch!

Our ranch, Hacienda Dos Amigos, is located well within the mountain range of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, where our coffee is grown under the shade of avocado trees, fruit trees and other local species. Year around our ranch administrator, foreman and a handyman maintain the crops. During the harvest season the plantation counts on more than 25 workers daily handpicking selected coffee beans before wet processing the coffee.

Our coffee possesses unique properties due to the area’s microclimate with ideal sun, rain and temperature conditions. Combine this with a highly nutritious ground and traditional coffee growing methods using environmentally friendly techniques and you get a specialty coffee.

There's always time for coffee


Dedicated to sustainable and local principles

At Hacienda Dos Amigos we are dedicated to local coffee growing traditions built on knowledge and expertise from generations. Every step of the production is further dedicated to a sustainable productions, which have led us to become an eco-certified coffee producer.


We work with our organic certifier KIWA BCS and continuously invest in methods to reduce the environmental impact and achieve an effective production.

Water protection

We have five natural springs within our ranch. In this way we do not have interference from others and control the quality of our precious water.

Commitment to history

Hacienda Dos Amigos was founded on historic grounds. Indigenous settlements were active close by and the grounds we call home today have long farming traditions. The last 100 years crops gradually shifted to coffee.


Experience the coffee making traditions

Hacienda Dos Amigos is a large lush mountain property of 518,000 square meters, at about 1,200 m above sea level with an overwhelming view to the Caribbean coastline and Ciènaga Grande. Join us on a guided tour where you walk through our coffee plantation and learn about the techniques that gives the coffee its unique taste, take part in the activities at the ranch and meet our friendly team.

You are welcome to a hearty traditional Colombian meal and drink our fresh single origin coffee all year around.